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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wiki, Wiki, Wiki...

I could really get to like this wiki stuff...I looked on several different sites and tried to edit a few...I did manage to put my blog on the PLCMC sandbox wiki as well as a few of my favorite TV shows...very cool.... think this could be a great tool for book reviews in libraries as well as a way for a group to work on documents like the procedure manual...wouldn't it be great for the whole group to add things to the document without having to show up for long meetings...they could get it done in their spare time or discuss it on the wiki...or even just put out the key points they would like to cover and open it up for the staff to add to with the committee getting the final say on everything...I can see so many possible personal uses as well...I am sure we could all think of many ways to make use of such a tool...


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