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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Social tags and technorati

What a cool thing that I can click on crocodile hunter and get a list of articles and blogs about Steve Irwin. I had never really thought of tagging my items, maybe I don't feel what I have to say is important enough for others to really want to look at.

I haven't gotten over the fact that I am keeping a diary online yet either. Funny to have my thoughts displayed to anyone who cares to look at them for the most part. I know that I can make the posts private if I wish, but it is not the same as writing in the little notebook I keep by my bed. I never thought that I would write the same things online that I would in that little book, but I have not really entered anything there since I got my LJ account. Now I have to rethink tagging my entries both on my blogs and on flickr...hmmm...

How much do I really care what the world knows about me?


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