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Friday, September 08, 2006


I have been using ....bloglines for a few months has kept me up to date on some things...which is really cool...on the flip side, I may have over-fed myself...I am finding that I don't always have time to read all of the articles that I wish to read...I end up checking them to keep them new and then may or may not get back to them in a timely is great to have that option...I have deleted changed the feeds I have around as well and organized them in a fashion that fits with my style...granted, I do have a few extra feeds with the learning 2.0 feed and the other stuff that I sift through for just one or two articles...but I am finding that I can work within the limits of the program to fit my needs...some of the other feeds I have picked up are Librarians Internet Index, Information Wants to be Free, The Shifted Librarian, and of course Library Crunch and Tame the Web. I also get my horoscope and upcoming events and movie reviews...I don't really even have to read the paper, but I still like doing the Suduko at home in ink rather than online.


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